Big Sky Camp Paw

June 25-29, 2020

An Unforgettable, Unspoiled, Montana Furry Experience

This year we are at the Fales Flat Group Campground south of Darby and Hamilton, MT! This is a very large group camping site; bigger even than Larry Creek where we have been the past several years.

So come howl with the wolves at night, watch for elk, moose, coyotes, and grizzlies, swim, hike, fly fish, and frolic with furries in The Last Best Place.

Statement Regarding COVID-19 and Camp Paw 2020

Big Sky Anthro has released a statement about the current plans for Camp Paw 2020 in regards to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The full statement PDF can be read HERE. The short summary is that as of now we are proceeding as planned with Camp Paw 2020. A final go/no-go decision will be made June 5th, which is the date Sponsor registration closes. If the decision is made to cancel Camp Paw, all registrations will be fully refunded.

When and Where

Fales Flat Campground is south of Darby and Hamilton. The check-in time for the campground is 3 PM on Thursday, June 25, and check-out time is 1 PM on Monday, June 29.

Lat/long is 45.7461111, -114.4433333. (Google Maps)

From Darby, travel south on Highway 93 for about four miles. Turn onto Highway 473 and continue southwest for 14 miles. Turn west onto Forest Road 468 and continue about 12 miles to the campground.

Fales Flat Campground is

  • Two hours from Missoula
  • Four hours from Kalispell
  • Five hours from Great Falls
  • Four hours from Helena
  • Four and a half hours from Bozeman
  • Five hours from Spokane
  • Six hours from Moscow
  • Seven hours from the Tri-Cities
  • Six and a half hours from Billings (sorry Billings)


Registration will open next year!

What to Bring

Any supplies you would need for normal camping, that is tent, food, sleeping bag, sleeping pad. In June the average low is 40 and the average high is 72. Saturday night dinner is provided as part of your registration, there will be a section on the registration form to indicate if you have any dietary restrictions. Other important items of note:

  1. Four-legged furry friends are welcome as long as they are well-behaved around all people and other pets.
  2. Bring bear spray if you have it. This is prime grizzly bear country and food storage is required, all attractants must be in a vehicle or bear storage box before you go to bed.
  3. Bring a chair, not having a chair to sit in sucks. :P
  4. Don't transport firewood, this is bad juju.
  5. This is an 18+ event, 21 to drink.

What to Do

Montana contains some of the most remote and rugged country in the United States.

  • Hiking-
  • Mountain Biking and Four Wheeling
  • Simply Hanging Out- sit back, relax, and unwind while enjoying the beautiful open country surrounding you.

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