Big Sky Camp Paw started in 2012 as the "Bozeman Furry Spring Camping Trip," and was held outside Bozeman in early May for several years. As we grew we began to attract furries from elsewhere in the state, and in 2016 we moved to the Aspen Grove Group Campground outside Lincoln, where we stayed for for two years. 

In 2017 we reached the maximum occupancy for the Aspen Grove site and moved to the Larry Creek Group Campground south of Missoula! In 2018 we continued to grow and had a total attendance of 56 fake animals from around the country and hosted our first live DJed dances. The staff are excited for 2019 and to return to Larry Creek. We are thrilled to be able to host a furry camping con in Montana, the only furry event of its kind in the American Rockies.

Big Sky Camp Paw is run by Big Sky Anthro, Inc., a Montana non-profit corporation formed to promote the anthropomorphic arts in the Big Sky state. Big Sky Anthro is governed by a board of directors who select the con chairperson and other staff members each year.