Tundra Tundra Husky - Chairman of the Board, CEO, Convention Chair

Tundra started the meet which turned into Camp Paw way back in 2014! He serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Big Sky Anthro, which is the non-profit organization overseeing Camp Paw, and as this year's con chair. 

Endless Endless Dragon - Board Member, CFO, Social Media Coordinator

Endless serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Big Sky Anthro, since everyone knows dragons are good with money. He is also the official voice of Camp Paw and Big Sky Anthro and serves as the con's social media coordinator and on the board.

Koyuk Koyuk Wolf - Board Member, Secretary, Panel Coordinator

Koyuk serves on the board of Big Sky Anthro, is the non-profit and con secretary, and is scheduling all panels and con events for this year.

Pepper Pepper Snep - Photography, Registration, Webmaster, IT Lead

Pepper is a skilled snep handling all aspects of the registration system, website development, and other IT needs for the con, as well as official con photography.

Rex Rex Collie - AV Lead

Rex is our newly minted AV lead for this year! As a border collie he is innately talented at organizing all the cables, lights, and DJs to put on a great dance for everyone.